Dienstag, Januar 02, 2007

Happy new year everyone! (and to my little diary)

Whow now it 2007... That is great let's see what it brings. I hope I find the time to write more often. To paint some pictures and to be able to investigate more in my hobby 3D. I neglect my 3D art last year very shameful and I really gone spent more Time on it. Well it is the 2nd of January and I really wanna do. let's see what this year brings. That was a kind of New Year's resolution, I guess, although I really don't believe in stuff like this. I admitted it to the journal now it is written down and locked... =)...

But thinks like this does not come from words... so I stop writing fire up my fav. app. and do something... instead of writing about it.

By the way: Everyone whow reads this and is (or is not) in the same position would like to share there New Year's resolution is very welcome to do so.

It might be interesting to see if what others expect from themselves or from year 2007.

Happy New Year....

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