Montag, Januar 04, 2010

MyPaint - Sketchbook painting tool

I am still on the research to improve my painting and sketching skills. Beside wondering through the web for inspiration and tutorials. I am also in the middle of finding the approperiate tool to sketch/paint. I know it comes all down to actual paint but I want at least a tool which supports me, is easy to use, not overloaded with features and has a great response to the pen. Right now I am using my wacom intuos 3.

Searching for the tool found 3 tools most artists speak about
  • Sketchbookpro
  • Artrage
  • Corel Painter
But it seems that there is a new star which seams pretty impressive to me. I found an open source tool which is called MyPaint. At the time writing this post the current stable version is 0.71. But everybody is waiting for the version 0.8 which should be out already...

Detailed information and downloads can be found here:

David Revoy ( a great artist. He seems to be involved as a conept artist in the blender open movie project "Durian" . 

He developed a bunch of very useful brushes and shares his color pallettes, too.

he also shares an amazing video walkthrough tutorial here:

So since it is all about painting if I want to improve my skills ...
back to the board =)...


(If I find time I will test the tools from the bullet points above... but for now I will stick with MyPaint)...

Please feel free to comment what tools you use and your thoughts...

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