Donnerstag, Juni 30, 2011

My thoughts on Transformers 3

Yesterday, I watched Transformers 3...

If you are one of the last ones you haven't heard of it watch the trailers here:

First of all I love 3D and I love CGI. That's why I loved this movie!

It starts with some flashback from the time when the US first landed on the moon. And to be honest this movie fulfills a lot of clichés but that obviously is Hollywood.

Back to 3D:
There where spectacular fight scenes and one my favorites is the car chase on the highway.
I think the virtual world is brought really well into the real movie world. Textures were awesome. I loved the style of the Decepticons they had an evil bio-organic-robotic appearance.

After all I was very good entertained you get what you can expect when you watch a scifi-aliens-roboter-action movie…

And sometimes that is just awsome….

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