Mittwoch, Juli 05, 2006

This is how it goes... GERMANY::ITALY

Whow... it has been some time now since I wrote my last post. But now I am back on track. Watching the Worldcup last night and seeing how Italy busted Germany was realy shocking.

It was such a power game and in the last minute in overtime - GOAL.
I looked around and all the guys had the same face expression - this could not be true. But it was!
But seeing all the people so enthusiastic for the last weeks was realy great. I hope this lasts longer. Because it is not all about soccer... there was mo(re). Looks like the people just waited for a reason to express there feelings that it cannot be all about politics, war, the gas prices. And it is that sport got the renascence of being a globaly connector between all kind of folks in all kind of countries. This feeling seemed to be so addictive that even people who have nothing to do with soccer started to get into it. They want to participate and they want just to ride that wave.
So lets go surfing as long as this new wind of emotions, motivation and power presents us that great wave to ride.

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