Mittwoch, August 06, 2014

Verve - Fluid Dynamics Painter

Whow! It has been now over one year since I wrote my last blog post! This sounds like a perfect chance to introduce a very entertaining piece of software called Verve by Taron!

Verve is a Fluid Dynamics Painter! So what does this mean. It is basically a special kind of painting Application which has an special mode which let's the software calculate fluids behavior. This is very inspiring and entertaining at the same time. 
What is it good for? Find out by yourself but be warnend - it is pretty addictive =)

But beside the fun of fiddling around with the dynamics this behavior builds the foundation for endless possibilities to simulate real paint and all sorts of brushes!

So check it out!

You can find the download of Verve here:

The documentation is here:

A decent set of introduction and explanatory videos are available on YouTube!

And there is an active forum here with galleries, challenges, etc here:

Here are my first experiments:

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