Dienstag, August 29, 2006

Pirates of the caribbean - Part II

hey... another post about a movie. This one is dedictaed to the Pirates of the caribbean movie. It is the second part of the sequal and it comes with a lot more cg effects than part one. Main effects where produced by ILM - Industrial Light and Magic . They developed a new motion capturing technique which does not have to have special lightning or other enviroments. The new technique allows "actors" to play there role ones and the captured data can be used - so no bluescreen room sessions are needed.
This is a big advantage compared to KING KONG and Lord of the Rings where Serkis played the his role ones with the other actors and after that the same scene where recorded in bluescreen envirement for mo-cap.

here you can find a detailed article

Beside the mo-cap davy jones is a cg-character which was commented by the critiques as very good make up and etc. So surfacing was done excellent. One of the tools which have been used is ZBRUSH.
Here is an ZBRUSH interview with ILM

AND some HIGH-RES-Pics

Davy Jones

some pirates

and another one

for all people who are interessted in cg effects this is a musst seen. And the end is open for part 3....