Sonntag, Dezember 30, 2012

The Hobbit - an unexpected journey! (My 2 cents)

Once in a while I do a blog post to do some kind of film review. I mean I just post my thoughts and observations.
I recently found the time to watch The Hobbit. Full of excitement about a new film from Peter Jackson with lots of CGI and a new format called HFR (High Frame Rate - 48 frames/s) I put my 3 D classes on an was ready for the show. Interestingly the movie was recorded completely in 3D already.
So prepared with all what I need for a perfect movie night the curtain opens and the movie started.
But what I saw was really an unexpected journey!
I had the impression while I was seeing lots of details more then ever, I am was loosing cinegrafic features that I use to love. So for me more details are not equal a better show and better pictures. This is something which offends me also on super HD TV's. I can't explain it but it steels the Hollywood feeling. I love the surrounding of New Zealand. Really great locations were chosen but still something was missing.
Being a fan of the LOTR trilogy I was really missing the great lightning and the mood the pictures were transporting. To much detail make things appear to hard. Depth of field was totally different.
I have to admit that the second half of the movie was much better than the first one and maybe it was because I got used the the HFR 3D pictures by then or the effects were placed more subtile and appropriate (for my feeling).

Maybe this was just a slow start and I'm ready for a ramp up of the upcoming 2 movies...
Again this post just represent my feelings while watching the movie... I would love to here some other opinions or agreement in the comments....