Dienstag, Dezember 18, 2007

Meeting Minutes 04

Here is another meeting minutes... again with roler pen... This one is to study poses... ahhh I have to study a whole lot more though... but anyway here is the pic

Mittwoch, Dezember 12, 2007

Meeting Minutes 03

This one is actually a part one and part two. So I started of and did not find the time to finish it. After getting some mo minutes I could, what I would call, complete it...

this reminds me to get rid of that checkboard paper =)... again roller pen... you know the one.

Montag, Dezember 03, 2007

Meeting Minutes 02

here is another meeting minutes doodle.

I think there is a song called "the best things in life are free". Well, I had a roler pen as some sort of merchindising gift... it was great I loved this pen... It was fun to write and doodle with it... but you know. The love didn't last long... so whatever... around christmas there will be some gifts anyway =)

Montag, November 26, 2007

Meeting minutes 01

Long time no post... but hey seems like I end this year like I tried to start it... With some drawings =).

This one was created during a meeting session and it was done with roller pen. I thought I share it. Hope I find the time to draw more (I think I wrote this more than ones... but anyway) here is the doodle...

Dienstag, August 21, 2007

update moon

I have reworked the shape of the moon ... here is an update!

Montag, Juli 30, 2007


Hey! it has been a time since I posted stuff. But I started a project to do a print poster for a charity association which is specialized to save our local open air bath. You can check out the association webpage (http://www.naps-ev.de/).

Anyway they are planing an event to make it possible to swim at night with an illuminated open air bath. Live Musik, Fun.... etc.

So I thought I modle a moon with his little lamp and a floating tire... ready to swim at night =)...

Maybe I post the whole poster in another post (whow one sentence three times post)...

Ok hier is my moon comments and crits are welcome... I have also a thread running on (http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?f=92&t=523077)

ok enough words ... here it is:

Mittwoch, März 14, 2007

Indoor scene camera settings ???? how?

I try to figure out how to set up the camera for an indoor scene.

That is why I posted this Thread on cgtalk.com ...

For this scenario I have a LW scene with three cameras shooting a 4,5mx3mx2,5m room.

Camera24: 640x480 Focal Length 24mm

Camera35: 640x480 Focal Length 35mm

Camer600x300: 600x300 Focal Length 35 mm

I set up the scene this way:

to shoot from the front...

and from the left...

Here are the results... nothing fancy with surfacing and lightning because this should only be a camera perspective test...

Camera 24: front+left

Camera35: front+left

Camera600300: front + left

unfurtunatly this is not realy what I have expected or in better words what I would like to see in the end...

Because when I think about having a guy walking in there... with this camera view I have not overview over the scene... and it doesn't realy feel as I would be a part of it... =(...

Freitag, Januar 19, 2007

WALL · E (next Pixar movie)

Next Pixar Project (Film) is going to be called WALL · E and it is the next one after Ratatouille. This was anounced in disney' Letter To Shareholders . I am excited to see first trailers/teaser... But WALL · E is expected to be in the movies in June 2006 =)

Montag, Januar 15, 2007

04 / 2007

Unfurtunatly I haven't had much time to draw. I know this is against my thoughts for 2007. But nevertheless I keep on trying =). I have delete some pictures because I thought they were crap. I posted this to my journal (because I thought it is not so much crappy than the ones I have deleted) to hopefully see my progress some day. Well, hey the mountain is high and steep... here is another one called it ORANGE...

Sonntag, Januar 07, 2007

03 / 2007

some short colorization test...

Donnerstag, Januar 04, 2007

02 / 2007

Hey another speedy... I called this one greenish =)... a little color experiment... still long way to go. For the diary: my outlines are bad... need to get rid of them.

Mittwoch, Januar 03, 2007

01 / 2007

here we go...first doodle for this year!

Dienstag, Januar 02, 2007

Happy new year everyone! (and to my little diary)

Whow now it 2007... That is great let's see what it brings. I hope I find the time to write more often. To paint some pictures and to be able to investigate more in my hobby 3D. I neglect my 3D art last year very shameful and I really gone spent more Time on it. Well it is the 2nd of January and I really wanna do. let's see what this year brings. That was a kind of New Year's resolution, I guess, although I really don't believe in stuff like this. I admitted it to the journal now it is written down and locked... =)...

But thinks like this does not come from words... so I stop writing fire up my fav. app. and do something... instead of writing about it.

By the way: Everyone whow reads this and is (or is not) in the same position would like to share there New Year's resolution is very welcome to do so.

It might be interesting to see if what others expect from themselves or from year 2007.

Happy New Year....