Dienstag, Dezember 16, 2014

Love the details and embrace them!

I just returned from a quick vacation in Rome, Italia. It's a wonderful city and a historical place. Especially for artists it is such an inspiration. While wondering through the city, I was really amazed by all this wonderful traditional art which survived sometimes over 1000 years!
This is all before 3D modeling, Photoshop and 3D printing. This is sweat and blood from many artists over many hundred years and decades ago.
I did really asked myself with all the possibilities that we have today, why do we (or do I) sometimes get lost of track.
It's all about the process and pipeline optimization and about rebuilding things that we saw already in movies. Just happened to notice that some artists concentrate too much on the tools and forget traditional artwork?
We should all love our great work and put as much love and detail into it as we possibly could (and sometimes more)!
Remember: Maybe 1000 years later there comes someone like me (or you) and will deeply appreciate it.
Even if tight timelines chases you, design frameworks seem to drive you nuts, make a difference.
Make something notable outstanding with every piece you deliver.
I know that some of you readers might be offended because they deliver high quality and I am sure you all do.
It's more that I want to share this great moment and excitement with you, which remembered me that every stroke counts and every detail matters!