Dienstag, April 10, 2012

Animation Marathon – 24 hours animation

I found a really interesting project over the weekend which really made me blog about it!

Kenny Roy started this project to raise some money for his short movie “The little painter”. This was done with a kick-starter.com project. He animated 24 hours live via live stream.

It is really entertaining to watch and a very good animation lesson, too!

You all should definitely check it out! And subscribe to his site and blog!


The best think is @kennyroy provides the 24hrs as free only resource to watch. So every one who could not participate during the marathon and is interested in animation has the chance to watch it on his website:

Kenny Roy's marathon website

Looking forward for the final result of “the little painter”… good luck!


P.S.: sad, it looks like there the kick-starter project is over and there is no way to donate afterwards.

Sonntag, April 08, 2012

Logo Design

I do a logo design for a none profit club every now and then … or basically yearly. Used to do some 3D rendering and decided to go 2D with vector shape this year…


Tell me what you think and as usually comments and critiques are welcome.